Team Building Activities

If you want a bespoke, innovative Team Building Day that is designed to be entertaining and fun as well as motivational and educational, look no further than LMS Entertainments.

We have a tried and tested portfolio of Team Building Activities and exercises many of which are unique to us; you won’t find them anywhere else. So whatever your brief, we’ll have a number of options for you to choose from.

We regularly run team building events for teams large or small, indoor or outdoor, day or evening and anywhere in the UK or Europe. Our expertise has served clients well for over 30 years.

Our Team Building Activities can be stand alone events in their own right or can be a great support to conferences, workshops and seminars. From solving mysteries to saving lives and blindfold challenges to finding yourself as a contestant in your favourite television show, the LMS Events Team Building Days are thoughtfully created, perfectly planned and thoroughly rewarding.

Team Building Benefits

Team Building Activities help to develop team workers, people who can join a team and make an effective contribution when and where your business needs them. Good teamwork is essential to the success of any business and it’s important to find the best ways to develop and improve Team Working Skills.

Team Building can stimulate your work colleagues into creating new or better relationships and breaking down barriers by putting them into a range of different, unfamiliar scenarios. The greatest benefits come when individuals adapt their focus and behaviour on a daily basis when back in the work environment. Just imagine if your entire workforce worked more cohesively, efficiently and creatively… what a difference it would make to your bottom line in the short and long term?

Why LMS Team Building?

LMS Entertainments is bursting with Corporate Team Building ideas that will motivate your staff and see your investment pay for itself time and time again.

Our Team Building staff are seasoned professionals with long-term expertise in the field of event design, delivery, delegate engagement and behavioural change. Since we started in 1988 we have run Team Building Events for companies, large and small with a diverse range of objectives. So when it comes to creating, planning and managing your team building day you can be sure it will be motivating, productive and, of course, fantastic fun.

If you’ve a specific idea of what you want to do and where you want to do it, we can help organise a smooth running day thanks to our extensive network of venues and experienced staff. However, we also enjoy a challenge so if you’ve no particular preference we can lead you through the many options all the time fully focussed on your budget, location and objectives. Our innovative approach and extensive experience will ensure that you get more return from your staff investment with us than with other team development companies thanks to our extensive network of venues and experienced staff.

So, whether you’re looking for Team Building for a small group of employees or thousands of staff, you can count on LMS Entertainments to deliver a great event that will be talked about for months and remembered for years.

Blindfold Camp

Blindfold Sheep Herding

Country Sports And Pursuits

Crackerjacks/A-Z Challenge

Crime Scene

Crime Watch


Dry Land Raft

Escape Rooms 2U


Island of Adventure

Media Mayhem


Minefield Communication

Motor Build

Petrol Heads

Pyramid Pillars


Safe Cracker

Treasure Hunt

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