25 Years of the Chuckle Buggie

2020 is the silver anniversary of the Chuckle Buggie, Yes 25 years since the first Chuckle Buggie appeared on a corporate job.

Designed by our director Paul Bird and tried and tested over a period of 2 year in 1995 if finally appeared on it’s first event. The idea was conceived as at the time we were using Argo Cats which were to big to move around for our mobile events and too noise as they were hydraulic drive which meant they always had to be revving even when stationary, so the Chuckle Buggie was born.

With its 2 Honda engines centrifugal clutch six-wheel drive and operated by 2 levers it was small enough to get 2 side by side in the truck making it was the ideal machine for our needs as it still is to the present day.

It was named by customers on it’s first event as all they did all the time they were driving it was chuckle.

The first machines were made with a one-piece vacuum formed body, but this was soon replaced with the one-piece fiberglass body we still use today.

You all could enjoy these bizzar machines at your neat corporate away day or team building event. 

The Original Chuckle Buggies and the green ones as they are now

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Can’t believe it has been that long!
Well done LMS!

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