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Cash grabber game

Cash Grabber

A fast, frantic and fabulous attraction to have at your next event or on your Exhibition Stand.

Cash Grabber game

An excellent crowd puller that everyone can participate in, re-living the old days of the Crystal Maze and Noel Edmonds House Party, this attraction is certain to impress.

It's a brilliant centre-stage spectacle at your event or as a supporting attraction for Weddings, Family Fun Days, Private Parties, Themed Events and, of course, Christmas Parties.

This unique piece of entertainment will make your event stand out from the rest. It's great fun for players and spectators alike, and will keep guests of all ages thoroughly entertained throughout your event. Don't be fooled by its compact size, for with its bright lights and sound effects the Cash Grabber will have the contestants shrieking and crowds laughing. A great way to create an exciting and memorable night.

How It Works

The concept of the Cash Grabber game is simple: players take it in turns to step inside the cubicle and when the claxon sounds Fun Money will start blowing around the cube. You can choose the length of time that the Cash Grabber runs for, we recommend 30 seconds, but it's totally up to you. The player must catch as much Fun Money as they can before the time runs out. The Fun Money is then collected and counted and a leader board can be created to see who is the most successful by the end of the party. You can even offer prizes to those who triumph at the Cash Grabber game to further increase the competitive element. You can hire the Cash Grabber from us for any event in the UK so give us a call today and bring this exciting product to your next Party or Event.

Corporate Branding

The Cash Grabber machine is a brilliant idea to engage visitors to your Exhibition Stand, Trade Show or Expo Booth. It can be branded with your corporate colours and logo to enhance your Corporate Functions, Office Parties or Promotional Days.

We also print your logo on the Fun Money that goes inside the machine, ensuring a fully immersive experience for all who have a go.

Dimensions: Width: 122cm, Depth: 122cm, Height: 244cm
Power Requirements: 1 x 13 amp power supply.

Call us now on 01642 713010 or email to make a booking or request more information.

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