Chuckle Buggies

One of our most popular attractions, Chuckle Buggies will give you an extraordinary driving experience.

These bizzare, 6-wheel drive buggies are tremendous fun to drive. But, being very responsive at the controls they can catch you out when you least expect it.

You control your Chuckle Buggie with 2 levers. Push them forward and off you go, pull them back to stop, and pull one forward, one back to turn on the spot. This can make for hilarious fun when you end up steering in the wrong direction or turning at the wrong time. Everyone, drivers and spectators, will be chuckling at your driving antics: that’s why they’re called Chuckle Buggies.

In competition, you have to negotiate the Chuckle Buggie through a slalom or a series of twisty bends and turns set out on a level track. You must demonstrate your skill, speed and co-ordination to achieve the best performance.

You may be pitched against other individuals for best individual performance and time, or you may be operating as a relay team competing against other teams but watch out for those dreaded penalty points if you hit a marker.

Chuckle Buggies are unique to LMS Entertainments as they were designed and built by our Managing Director to provide an exciting experience on the track.

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