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Crossbow shooting

Crossbow Shooting

Crossbow Shooting can provide a welcome change of pace from the usual Corporate Team Building Events where skill and judgement count more than speed and adrenaline.

Crossbow shooting

Objectives: Hit the bull's eye to score maximum points. Miss the board and score a big fat zero! Are you a better shot than the rest of the team?

All the necessary equipment needed for Crossbow Shooting is provided. Your team members only have to bring a good eye and their sense of humour. We will give expert one-to-one tuition to each team member.

Crossbows are like a mixture of field archery and rifle shooting. It's a real test of skill and co-ordination to hit the round targets, placed approximately 15 metres from the shooter.

Call us now on 01642 713010 or email to make a booking or request more information.

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