Escape Rooms 2U

Need a fresh idea for your next Team Building Event? Try something completely original and current with Escape Rooms 2U!

We can give your clients and/or staff the experience of a lifetime with our unique Mobile Escape Rooms. This is a chance to have an exciting team building event at your premises without having to take large numbers of people out of the work environment at once. It’s a place to test your wits and speed so embrace your sleuthing self today in our Escape Rooms!

Here at Escape Rooms 2U, part of LMS Entertainments, we have managed to design and create what we feel is the perfect team building event. With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment and Team Building events industry, we have devised this brand new, unique, mobile experience – Artic Escapes – which is one of the best and most satisfying Escape Rooms in the UK.

Our Escape Room has been designed to test teams both physically and mentally and allow groups to work together throughout the Team Building exercise. Can you and your teammates make it out in under 60 minutes? Or will you be the team that stays locked up? Who knows?

Escape Rooms 2U offers you three different options

Option One

We can bring all the escape room equipment and staff to your venue and set it up within your premises.

Option Two

We bring our specially built Artic Escapes trailer to your premises or venue and we are ready to go.

Option Three

If you are having an awayday with your staff or delegates, Escape Rooms 2U can operate within or as part of your day.

The whole experience takes place at your site or venue with our newly designed Escape Rooms 2U. If you want a bespoke, innovative Team Building Day that is designed to be entertaining and fun as well as motivational and educational, look no further than Escape Rooms 2U from LMS Entertainments.

The Benefits of Escape Rooms 2U

  • Team building without taking large numbers of delegates out of the work environment for long periods of time
  • Team working is crucial to be able to escape within the 60 minute timescale
  • Suitable for teams of 6 people per room. We currently have available two rooms allowing teams to compete head to head
  • Colleagues will need to communicate with each other during the live game, by using physical and mental skills. (don’t worry it’s not too physical)
  • This task encourages a highly mental and stable mindset, getting the team to work together to get through the room the fastest
  • With 30 years in the events and entertainment industry both Corporate and Team Building, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations

A Few Useful Little Tips

    • It’s best to keep positions in the company away from the room! This will allow for better communications and a faster time
    • We encourage you to become familiar with your surroundings and the colleagues you are working with before getting started on the tasks

By working together under different conditions to the workplace, it allows you to get to know each other’s strengths and weakness to enhance the skills in the workplace

We travel to you, so you don’t need take your staff off site, unless you wish to, of course.


What Do I Need To Bring On The Day?
Just yourselves. Oh, and possibly reading glasses!

When should I arrive?
15 minutes prior to your start time. This allows us time to brief you and give you your mission.

How long does it last?
You should be with us for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

How does it work?
You are placed in one of our escape rooms, where it is yours’ and your teammates’ task to try and escape this room and complete the mission within the allotted time of 60 minutes. If successful you will break out but if unsuccessful then we will release you. There is always an emergency means of exit.

How difficult is it?
Our escape rooms need communication amongst team members and can be mentally challenging. They are not too physical so don’t worry! We like to think we have got the perfect mix.

If you have any other questions about Escape Rooms 2U please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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