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Fun Fair Stalls Equipment

Fun Fair Stalls

Traditional fun fair stalls are always enjoyed by everyone!

Fun fair stalls

Our range of traditional stalls are designed to be reminiscent of childhood holidays or relive the magic of a travelling fairground.

The compact size of each stall makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor venue events.

All The Fun Of The Fair

  • Tin Can Ally Side Stall - knock all the tins off the shelf
  • Hoopla - throw the rings on to the pegs
  • Darts & Cards - stick the darts in the cards
  • Pop gun - hit the targets with these pellet guns
  • Coconut Shy - knock the coconuts off their stands

Space required for each of the above fun fair stalls: 3m x 6m

Call us now on 01642 713010 or email to make a booking or request more information.

Fun Fair Stalls Gallery

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