Giant Operation

This Giant Operation Game is an excellent addition to any event. Based on the classic ‘Operation’ game this version is approximately 7′ x 3′ and includes a bright red flashing nose and VERY loud bell.

The object of the game is to remove more body bits than other competitors in the shortest time without touching the patient. If you do, you will set off the alarm and have to pass your tweezers to the next ‘surgeon’.

The life-like patient has ten cavities which are positioned all over the body and each cavity contains a body part, for example his “Adams Apple”, “Tennis Elbow” and his “Spare Rib”. Using the surgical tweezers provided, the player has to carefully remove all, or as many of the ten body parts as they can without touching the patient’s body.

Giant Operation table game, based on the old favourite but now blown out of all proportion, carry out that Giant Operation on our hilarious, life-sized Giant Operation ‘patient’, one false move and the buzzer sounds.

We can also give the Giant Operation a motoring theme for Motor Sport and other car events – can you change his spark plug? See the Swig below.

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