Human Demolition Zone

4 Podiums + 1 Giant Wrecking Ball + 1 extremely large inflatable complete with landing zone = Extreme Fun!!

The Human Demolition Zone is one of the most fun giant inflatables for Family Fun Days and Private Events.

Each player has to climb onto their respective podium (not as easy as it sounds) and then they must push the wrecking ball to knock off the other players. The last one standing wins.

The giant inflatable Human Demolition Zone offers great fun for all ages as everyone can get involved. Plus with its intimidating large size of 6m in height, it offers presence at any event. It is suitable for both adults and children.

It’s also a popular choice for Team Building and Team Events as we play it in a 2 vs 2 relay scenario. The team who stays on the most wins, and every time someone is knocked off, a new player is involved in the game. There are other versions of game play available too.

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Human Demolit

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