Indoor Laser Target Shooting

Become a sharpshooter with our Lasersport 5 gun indoor target shooting system.

Up to five players go head-to-head and compete to see who is the deadliest shot. There are 10 rounds with a maximum possible score of 30. There can be spot prizes for a perfect score!

Aim and shoot at the randomly lit LED targets as they appear down the blackened tunnel lit with black lighting and lasers. This activity was initially designed for indoor use but is now also available as outdoor entertainment.

Choose Your Theme

Generally, the equipment comes with a Country Gentleman theme. However, if you wish, the shooting tunnel and surrounding area can be themed to suit your event’s needs. You can travel back to the Wild West with our Western themed target shooting or into the secret, undercover world of 007… The names Bond… James Bond, or why not roll back the years to the 1920s with a Roaring Twenties / Great Gatsby themed shooting gallery, with gangsters, molls and tommy guns, or how about a Las Vegas Casino theme?

We’ve a wide range of other themes including futuristic Aliens, Dr Who, Legends of Narnia plus shooting related props. We can even theme it around a product you would like to promote.

The Themed Indoor Laser Shooting Gallery was hired by Land Rover for a launch promotion, with bespoke posters and backdrops provided. So if you have a certain theme you would like us to incorporate then please just let us know.

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