Money Makers Team Challenge

Teams will be given a brief to make as much Fun Money as possible by using various skills to increase the initial stake money they are given.

Participants will take part in games of their choice, challenging members of other teams over the allocated time period.

The team needs to work out which of their members will be best at which game, so they can maximise success and therefore win lots of Fun Money for the community chest! How each team best proceeds is up to them, but they will be advised to elect at least one banker to allocate funds and keep tally. The amount of each bet will be agreed by the team and the relevant players. There will be Money Maker staff members and a games host keeping a watchful eye on proceedings to ensure fair play but also to ensure all the delegates present have an input into their team’s success!

Money Makers is a fast-paced multi-game event where team members need to compete in as many games as possible but always with a strategy in mind as to how best to maximise their overall fund. Duration up to two and half hours of fun.

The Aim: To discover the hidden strengths in your team (every team has them!) and by using these AND fiscal know how, work out a strategy to amass as much money as possible over the set period of time. More game challenges = more wins = more money – or is it a bit more complicated than that?

Money Makers Team Challenge – The Games

Many of the games are old school and self-explanatory, but where there may be some questions, a brief overview will be given of how the game will work. The games have been chosen to cover a wide range of skill sets, to be both challenging and relaxing, encourage teamwork and networking and to appeal to a wide audience – there’s something for everyone and ALL can take part.

Neuron Race

The Neuron Race is the latest fast-paced, speed reaction test game. Players hit each light as it comes on, the more they hit, the higher they score. The machine keeps score so onlookers can see who’s out in front and provide the necessary encouragement to spur on their team member to win!

Golf Putting

Let’s see who spends a lot of time on the course! With or without obstructions (like the dice) this is a really good way to have some fun and test out skills. Is there a golfer in your team who can score a hole in one?

We can offer many other choices of games, e.g. Skittles is always very popular and a good option for this event.

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