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Scalextric Mini Circuit

Scalextric Mini Circuit

It's fast, it's furious, it's the Mini Scalextric Challenge!

All the thrills of motor racing at your fingertips, this Mini Scalextric track gives everyone the chance to revisit their childhood. Event formats vary to suit the occasion, from team Le Mans style endurance races to individual sprints to full blown Grand Prix with practise, qualifying and races.

As important as the equipment, is the skill of the Scalextric's operators - their enthusiasm and experience bring needed structure and energy to the race. From a timed 10 lap race, to an endurance race where you must complete the race without coming off once!

The 2 lane Scalextric is themed with chequered flags and comes complete with leaderboard if you so wish. Personalised cars are available if you are wanting to have this on a Promotional Event or as a Trade Stand game.

Call us now on 01642 713010 or email to make a booking or request more information.

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