Selfie Studio

Want to boost the fun at your event?

This set up will do it! The Selfie Studio is a portable photo studio that your guests control. It will multiply the fun at your event in big ways! Remember your guests at their crazy best. Everyone loves Selfies!

A very much unique and brilliant fun experience awaits you when you step into our “Selfie Studio Photo Booth”. Not your average photo booth by any stretch, with brilliant lighting and props and a ‘fun for all’ attitude! You will go away remembering this experience!

The Selfie Studio is a great addition to any Wedding, Party or Corporate Function.

This ain’t no booth either. You can position up to a large group of people in a shot. The real fun is watching them try to jam themselves in an imaginary frame without falling down.

The Selfie Studio allows for more people to be involved in your shots along with all the great props and accessories. A great alternative to a plain photo booth as the Selfie Studio allows for everybody else to enjoy the poses and shenanigans that are going on throughout the event. You can think of this as an ‘open photo booth’.

The Selfie Studio comes with Themed Props, Posts and Ropes entrance and instant quality prints given out with your own personalised messages or company logo on each print.

The images will be available and sent out to you the organiser on a USB stick, allowing you to use them as you wish.

The Selfie Studio is unique to LMS Entertainments as it incorporates the quality of public Photo Booth pictures, but allows for more people to enjoy the fun throughout the night as it isn’t restricted to those that are just taking part. Watch out for Flash Harry taking your ‘Selfie’s’ and our ‘Ample Chest’ of Selfie Props.

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