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Whisky And Chocolate Tasting

Whisky And Chocolate Tasting

Whisky tasting

Whisky Tasting

Whisky Tasting using fine and rare single malts, with a variety of aroma and flavour found in "the water of life".

From light heather-like examples with a touch of honey, to rich, deep amber-coloured offerings with toasted wood and sherry-like aromas, this event will provide you with an engaging, fast-paced and comprehensive insight into the world of Whisky.

Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate tasting

Why not add chocolate tasting to go with the whisky tasting at your event? When it comes to pairing chocolate and whisky, we are always looking for something interesting: for the chocolate to really add something to the whisky and for it to draw out certain flavours.

Having a high cocoa percentage isn't necessarily the mark of a fine chocolate, any more than the words 'Single Malt' indicates a truly wonderful whisky.

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