Wine Tasting Casino

If you are looking for something to impress and entertain your guests or clients, then try worldwide wines for a real thrill!

This is a totally unique table and the only one in the UK. You will not see this elsewhere! We also provide the wine from around the world.

What could be more fun than gambling and drinking all at once and not losing any money!? It’s all for fun!

A speciality table where guests test their tasting skills against others at your Private Party or Corporate Casino Evening. Can you tell if the wine is new-age from the USA or a golden oldie from Italy? World Wide Wines demands wine tasting expertise, or alternatively the luck of a Casino! Could you tell a French Chardonnay from an Australian Sauvignon Blanc?

Guests come to the table and chose a numbered wine bottle by way of picking a card. They then sample the wine from the selected bottle of wines from around the world. After sampling the selected wine they place their bets on the country they believe the wine to be from. The more difficult the wine is to recognize the better the odds we pay, Fun Money of course. A high profile event as an addition to any Dinner Party Casino, 007 Theme Night, Corporate Casino or Christmas Party entertainment. We offer our Wine Tasting Casino across the UK along with our standard Casino Tables and games.

Expert Wine Tasting Casino

Want double the fun of the Wine Casino at your next event? We have a Wine Casino Table with different options. This really tests your pallet! You can play it safe and guess whether it’s a Fruity or a Spicy wine? Alternatively if you think you know what type of fruit the Wine is based around then you will be rewarded even more. The more detailed the guess, the bigger the payout.

Casino and Fun Money

Our Casino Hire is available for all types of Event and Party with a wide choice of all the popular Casino Tables and Games.

When the party starts, guests are issued with a set amount of ‘Fun Money’. This can be personalised for your own event e.g. Bride and Groom, Corporate Branding or Event Theme.

The Fun Money is exchanged at the tables for chips, leaving your guests free to gamble the evening away. As the evening draws to a close the chips are cashed in and the amounts totalled up. Prizes can be awarded to the person winning the most Fun Money if you choose to do so.

Casinos are ideal for Charity and Fund-raising Events. In this case, one option is to sell tickets and allow guests to purchase Fun Money from a volunteer of the Charity or Fund-raiser as required. No real money can be exchanged at the tables and all profits must of course be donated to the charity.

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