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International exhibition stand attractions

International Expo Stand Entertainment

Wherever you are exhibiting in Europe or elsewhere in the world, an entertaining game or other attraction on your Exhibition Stand will get more visitors and keep them on your stand longer.

European exhibition stand

If you are looking for fun and novel ways of interacting with new or old customers, our Exhibition Stand games, equipment and attractions will help you do this.

Put interactive entertainment and attractions on your Exhibition Stand to get these benefits:

  • More visitors to your stand
  • Make people stop and look
  • More time to talk to visitors
  • Marketing your brand
  • Better than your competitors' stand
  • Efficient use of limited space

Around Europe And The World

LMS Entertainments provides entertainment and attractions for Exhibition Stands and Trade Shows throughout Europe and anywhere else in the world.

We have taken our entertaining games to exhibitions in many European places such as Paris, Berlin, etc.

You can use our entertainments and attractions to create interest in your Expo Stand. The equipment can be branded with your company logo and designed to work with the way your Exhibition Stand looks.

We also provide an operator to interact with the visitors so your staff can do what they do best: spend more time talking to visitors, find out what they want, take their contact details and make deals!

Favourite Games

Our Racing Car Simulators are one of the most popular attractions for Exhibition Stands across Europe and beyond.

Paris exhibition stand

Above: Racing car simulators at the Renault Exhibition Stand in Paris.

Our equipment is flight friendly so it can be flown around the world in flight bags or cases, avoiding the high costs of freight shipment. These unique Racing Car Simulators are already a hit with the Formula E Renault team and have even been as far as Hong Kong.

Here are more of our popular attractions for your International Exhibition Stand:

Go to Neuron Race for exhibition stands Go to wine tasting casino for exhibition stands
Go to giant buzz wire for exhibition stands Go to Barrel & Dice for exhibition stands

These games are lots of fun and make people stay at your stand for longer. See more games on our main Exhibition Stand page.

Many of our games can be customised to include your company logo and branding. This helps visitors remember what they have seen at the show and makes it easier to find out more about your products and services when they return to the office.

For more details call us on 01642 713010 or send us an email.


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