Race Night at the Dorchester London

Today I am off to the big city, London look out here we come destination The Dorchester Hotel.

Well I arrive at 4.30 pm at reception to be told I was to be working in the penthouse suite on the 8th floor (The suite Nelson Mandella stayed in on his visit to London) but the porters would take all my equipment up for me (easiest lift fore ages). On arrival in the suit we set up the Big Screen Race Night equipment with the help of Lisa who was to be my tote seller for the night.

The client for the night came and introduced himself letting us know there was to be 13 guests to be entertained after dinner which was fine especially as they feed us the same luxury food they had themselves, Lobster, Caviar, 3 different types of Steak (A result before we started.

After dinner it was race time, well the guests were really up for a good time and a good time we all had, with 6 big screen races, wind up racing and other antics what a great night after which the porters re appeared to take all our equipment back down to the van and to top it all we got a very nice and unexpected tip. Happy Days and of back North.

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