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Desert Island - team building activities

Desert Island Package

Based on teams of 6 to 8 people rotate around your chosen activities, spending around 45 mins on each activity. Our Desert Island package will last half a day.

Desert island team building

Activities include:

Islands of Adventure - teams must traverse the deadly desert using only the equipment provided.

Minefield - teams have to cross a simulated minefield, including trip wires, using the equipment provided.

The Island - X marks the spot of the problem, Y is where the answer should lie. You must work out the code and do it in the quickest time.

(Due to the nature of these games, we do not explain too much on here, don't want to give the game away!)

Team Building From LMS

LMS Entertainments provide innovative team building events that are both motivating and great fun! Each event can be customised to meet your requirements.

  • Over 20 activities, games and exercises
  • Helps motivation, communication, productivity
  • Stand alone or combine with other events
  • Any venue across the UK
  • Fun Money scoring

Read more about team building and how it works or call us to discuss your needs.


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