Great Gatsby / Roaring 20s

You are in the midst of prohibition, business is booming for everyone, especially the bootleggers and speakeasy, and you are about to throw the party to end all parties!

Jazz is taking over the airwaves, with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Joe ‘King’ Oliver and more. It’s a time to party the night away in your best pin stripe suit and trilby hat, or in your best new dress, pearls and curls. But you’d better watch out… the Gangsters – Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly – are on their way to make a hit.

You can have a brilliant night, theming the room so it looks like you have transported back in time with Black and White Ostrich Feather centre pieces, Casino Tables to see who is the biggest gambler on the night, and of course the Selfie Studio so you can pose with a tommy gun and get those stylish Great Gatsby shots to take home. Then, of course, there’s the theming, with giant Martini Glasses, Gatsby style cut-outs and Gangsters lurking in the shadows around the venue.

With theming:

  • Flame Lights
  • Giant Cocktail Glasses
  • Money Bags
  • Table Centres

Great Gatsby and Roaring ’20s themed nights are brilliant themes for Corporate Events and Private Parties as they allow everyone to indulge in getting dressed up for the occasion and then enjoying a great night. It has become even more popular following the release of films such as the Great Gatsby, Public Enemies and Legend.

Cocktail Mixing

Cocktail Tasting Casino Table

Fun Casino

Indoor Laser Target Shooting


Props & Theming

Selfie Pod

Wine Tasting Casino

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