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Vegas Casino themed parties

Las Vegas Theme

Party into the night as the city that never sleeps come alive with Fun Casinos, Arcades, One Arm Bandits and, if you want, Elvis will even make an appearance.

Las Vegas casino entertainment

The renowned Las Vegas Theme Night from LMS Entertainments offers a broad selection of Casino Tables including Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Stud Poker, Texas Hold'em and Red Dog. Plus Slot Machines, Wheel of Fortune, Higher or Lower, all fininshed off with Vegas Themeing, a Red Carpet (with Posts and Ropes), Look-a-Like Characters, Show Girls or a Rat Pack tribute.

All our equipment is full-sized and made to professional standards. The illuminated Casino Tables are manned by uniformed, Professional Croupiers with many years of experience. They are the Real Deal for your Corporate Entertainment.

To create a brilliant Casino atmosphere, our theming and props can be positioned around the venue. We have our giant 'Vegas' sign, backdrops for guests photos, Giant Martini Glasses, Giant Tumbling Dice, 3-dimesional Suites of Cards, huge Sparkling Dollar Signs, oversized Casino Chips and Dice and a variety of banners and posters.

We can theme your event to anything you require. You can choose from: Vegas Nights, Western, James Bond, Horse Racing, Carnival, Olympics, Monte Carlo, Hollywood, Night at the Movies plus many, many more...

Fun Money

Everybody loves a flutter but nobody wants to lose their own money, with our Fun Casino Hire everyone's a winner. Included in your event package is full-colour printed Fun Money themed to your event or with your company logo. This is all the fun of a Casino, without using "real" money.

Plus we can customise the Casino Chips and Cloths too with your Corporate Logo, your own picture (e.g. Bride and Groom) or whatever you like...

Vegas casino attractions

Our unique Wine Tasting Casino Table is one of our most popular activities. Find out more.

You can also choose from: Casino Tables, Vegas backdrop, Cash Grabber, Cocktail Mixing, Look-a-Likes, Vegas Themed Indoor Laser Shooting Gallery, Slot Machines, Card Arches, Casino Signs, Flame Lights, Giant Chips, Giant Cocktail Glasses, Giant Playing Cards and Red Carpet with Posts and Ropes.


Casino and Fun Money

Our Casino Hire is available for all types of Event and Party with a wide choice of all the popular Casino Tables and Games.

When the party starts, guests are issued with a set amount of 'Fun Money'. This can be personalised for your own event e.g. Bride and Groom, Corporate Branding or Event Theme.

The Fun Money is exchanged at the tables for chips, leaving your guests free to gamble the evening away. As the evening draws to a close the chips are cashed in and the amounts totalled up. Prizes can be awarded to the person winning the most Fun Money if you choose to do so.

Casinos are ideal for Charity and Fund-raising Events. In this case, one option is to sell tickets and allow guests to purchase Fun Money from a volunteer of the Charity or Fund-raiser as required. No real money can be exchanged at the tables and all profits must of course be donated to the charity.

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Vegas Casino

Vegas Casino party theme

A great theme for your corporate evening or private celebration. More >

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